Cow and Chicken Episodes

Here is an overview of all Cow and Chicken episodes of the first year.

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Ballerina Cow
Chicken's first kiss
Cow's instinct... don't it?
Cow loves Piles
Crash dive
Field trip to Folsom Prison
Happy meat
Headhunting in Oregon
Lawnmower Chicken
No Smoking
Orthodontic Police
Parttime Job
School Bully
Space Cow
Squirt the Daisies
Supermodel Cow
The Cow with the four eyes
The girl's bathroom
The King and Queen of cheese
The legend of Sailcat
The molting fairy
The ugliest weenie part 1
The ugliest weenie part 2
Time machine
Who is Supercow?

Ivan A. Andhyiswara
First appearance: 14 september 1997
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