The Red Guy

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The Red Guy appears in almost every episode. He is one with many talents. In the first episode he is the Devil himself (No Smoking), but he is more than that. I.e. "Officer Pantsoffski" (The Orthodontic Police), "Ivan Panced" (Comet!), "The Warden" (Fieldtrip to Folsom Prison) or the salesman at the petshop in "Me an' my dog". The Red Guy likes "butt-walking", really wants to find out who is Supercow and can speak really loud.
The Red Guy also appears in the series "I.M. Weasel", also a series directed by David Feiss.

Ivan A. Andhyiswara
First appearance: 5 august 1997
Last update: 13 february 1999, 12:17.49