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Welcome at my WWW-page. I live in Rotterdam (Holland) and I go to university there. I'm a medical student, in the last year before becoming a doctor.

There are various kind of things which interest me.
Photography: a good way to express yourself. I know something about developing film and printing photographs, but only in Black and White. One of my favorite camera's is the Nikon F90X/N90S and F100. Take a look at Cow and Chicken are on TV, I just have to watch. Well, it's a good thing Cartoon Network exsists.
Also formula 1 racing is one of my favorites. I hope Jos Verstappen will get what he can and what he deserves. A good car, and a podium place. I'm also following the moves of Michael Schumacher. It's a pity he didn't get the chance to compete Ayrton Senna.
Science Fiction is also something I really like, especially Star Trek and Star Wars. There also is a cardgame besed on Star Trek and Star Wars. More informationn about those gardgames can be found at Decipher, the makers of these games.
Then there is G.G. K.O.T.Z. A nice (kind of) students association, with almost no obligations, the only one is paying the annual fee of 70 gulders (about 35 US Dollars).
Like to know more about G.G. K.O.T.Z.? Click on the link... For now, the infromation is only in Dutch.

Ivan Andhyiswara

Ivan A. Andhyiswara
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