Cow and Chicken audioclips

Well, here are some long awaited soundclips from the Cow and Chicken series. The voices of Cow, Chicken and the Red Guy are all from Charlie Adler. Main title song is written by Guy Moon and the lyrics are from David Feiss.
The audioclips are in 'wav'-format. Click on the underlined words to hear Cow, Chicken and the Red Guy say various kind of things.

Thanks to Marco 't Hart for: "end", "Nothing's happening" and "You are an idiot".

Mainsong: Cow and Chicken tune 158.650 bytes
Cow and Chicken tune MP3 compressed, saved as wav. 228.838 bytes
End... 18.018 bytes
Chicken: Mom, may I please kill Cow? 31.276 bytes
Chicken: Mom, dad, my feathers is falling out! 39.726 bytes
Chicken: Mom, dad, Cow did something stupid... 50.256 bytes
Chicken: Well, that must have slipped my mind... 38.654 bytes
Chicken: What is wrong with your brain Cow? 21.876 bytes
Chicken: You are an idiot! 37.250 bytes
Cow: Oh boy... 30.486 bytes
Cow: Mooo... 12.006 bytes
Cow: Supercow 1 32.372 bytes
Cow: Supercow 2 57.230 bytes
Cow: Nothing's happening 33.118 bytes
Red Guy: Also I'm naked. 24.318 bytes
Red Guy: Oh sweetheart, you have got it going on! 51.860 bytes
More sounds:

Ivan A. Andhyiswara
First appearance: 6 august 1997
Last update: 03 december 1998, 16:32.41